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>> coming up next on kron four news at eleven. a warning for residents of menlo park. police are looking for a man accused of annoying and frightening young girls on the street. >> and the world meets pope francis. described as a 'simple man' from argentina -- he's the new leader of the world's 1.2 billion catholics. the news is next.
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(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> catherine: the man wanted in connection with an indecent exposure case in menlo park. may have struck again. police are releasing this composite sketch. they say the man approached three elementary school girls. frightening them as they headed to class. new at 11 -- kron four's philippe djegal explains what happened
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>> reporter: at around eight o'clock monday morning. the menlo park police say the three girls were walking along this sidewalk on the 12-hundred block of almanor avenue. they were headed to school, when police say this man pulled up alongside them in a white van. and, asked if they knew the janitor at their school. belle haven elementary school. the girls ignored the man -- not responding. then continued onto school, which just so happens to be across the street. the girls told school administrators what happened. police were called, but the man got away, leaving some students on edge. >> i immediately told my mom and she said to be careful and to kn to not go out in the street and a stay close to the teachers. >> i was really scared because i felt what if this had been happening to other people? >> reporter: police are increasing patrols in the
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area, especially around school. in this case, police say the firls did the right thing by reporting the incident immediately. in menlo park, philippe djegal, kron four news. >> last month, a man matching the same description frightened a young girl just a few blocks away from belle haven. police say he exposed himself to the girl on that occasion. tonight-- catholics around the world are celebrating a new pope. thousands gathered in st. peter's square, to see history made. cardinal jorge bergo-leeo of argentina was chosen.he's now known as pope francis. erin mclaughlin has more on the 76 year old. >> reporter: catholics around the world, especially in latin america, are celebrating the selection of the new pope. >> "for me it's a big surprise, so emotional." cardinal jorge bergoglio of argentina is now pope francis, the first pope from outside europe in modern history. >> "the duty of the conclave was to appoint a bishop of rome, it seems to me my brothers cardinals have chose one who is from far away but here i am."
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massive crowds gathered in st. peter's square, to see history made. the new spiritual leader of one-point-two billion catholics world wide is described as down-to-earth >> "he's a very humble person, everybody in argentina knows that, he doesn't use car, he use the metro, he doesn't like to call himself monsenor, your excellence, his eminence." 115 catholic cardinals from around the world formed the secretive conclave electing the successor to benedict the 16th. after the fifth ballot, white smoke billowed from the chimney on the sistine chapel, signifying to all the world, a new pope has been chosen.
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kron 4 talked with some bay area catholics - to find out what they think about the new latin american pope. >> very content. >> really happy at last. and he is latin. >> i was really excited to hear that he is a latin and i am one half colombians. that brought a lot of emotion >> the selection from south america. the region for the
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church and south america in general. and on the larger oroszko the center of gravity is moving inf south in the catholic church is recognizing that. >> catherine: that was professor harley shaiken of the center for latin american studies at u-c berkeley. he says the tie to latin america is important here in the u-s -- since the latino population is growing rapidly. and what's in a name? the pope's decision to call himself francis seems to be a very symbolic move. he's the first pope to take the name. which comes from two saints. one is saint francis of assisi who gave up his wealth and dedicated his life to helping the poor. he saw his calling as an effort to rebuild the church.
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and then there was francis xavier, a spaniard who was a founding figure of the jesuit order. the same one to which the pope belongs. the vatican says francis will celebrate his first mass as pope in the sistine chapel tomorrow. >> catherine: extra police will patrol an east bay high school for the rest of the week. that's after someone wrote a threat to shoot students. the disturbing message was found tuesday on the wall of a girls bathroom at foothill high school. officials think it was written by one of the female students. the message says it says"i hate everyone at this school. watch me shoot everyone on march 14th." >> to watch that if they are going to make a threat we are going to be here. we want here to be here for the students >> extra police will patrol on and around the campus. school officials say the message may be a cry for help. they want the person who wrote it to come forward. anyone with information can contact police.and remain anonymous.
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>> former defense secretary leon panetta says the army should release court- martial records on a former soldier. who shot and killed two santa cruz police officers. february 26-th, jeremy goulet shot and killed police detective sergeant butch baker and detective elizabeth butler. it happened when they came to his house to investigate a misdemeanor sexual assault. goulet was later killed in a shoot-out with authorities. he was accused of rape in 2006 - and was honorably discharged in early 2007. panetta says the case underscores the military's tendency to "look the other way"-- in sexual assault cases. >> catherine: a dangerous chemical left over from the semi-conductor business 30 years ago it's known to cause cancer and birth defects. people in mountain view - who live along evendale avenue got notices today. a warning from the e-p-a. it says the toxic substance could be under their homes. that discovery was made after recent testing.
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since the chemical has been found, residents are not using groundwater. >> reporter: it was a nice day health care if >> jacqueline: 40's and 50's. still mild for the inland valleys. the visibility is sharply reduced. and a notice that it is flying everywhere else. this the same picture just 24 hours ago it was a- fine ever were also it will be mild and at several locations but cooler. noticeably cooler. more on that and the rainfall, coming up. >> there are going to be to area parents to-bay area appearance. have and also
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what is washing up on this 60 ft. sailboat with no owners. and a breast cancer study.
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>> this sell bot sets about -- s sailboat.. is causing concern for the coast guard with possible fuel on board. it shudra my coming up later she >> coming up later the
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>> in san francisco, four people will stand trial for the murder of a man who allegedly lured a young girl into prostitution. two of the suspects are the girl's parents. 22-year-old calvin sneed was killed in a drive by shooting in san francisco's bayview district in june. prosecutors saylupe mercado and barry gilton, blamed sneed for getting their 17- year-old daughter into prostitution. defense attorneys argue sneed was a gang member who had no shortage of enemies who wanted him dead. >> it's been nearly one year since the disappearance of sierra lamar. the 15-year-old cheerleader from morgan hill was last seen march 16 last year. while on her way to school. her body has not been found - and the search continues. this man-- antolin garcia torres-- was arrested and charged with kidnapping and murdering her - but has yet to enter a formal plea. today we talked to sierra's mother. >> i do not have any closure. i still have unanswered questions. there
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is not been a person of and trust and we have not discovered a body. it has been a year later. >> catherine: on saturday, the search for sierra will resume following a special tribute to sierra at the search center in morgan hill. after that, as they have every week for the past year, volunteers will fan out into the countryside. sierra's mother says says she isn't giving up until sierra comes home. >> catherine: developing news. police in upstate new york have a building surrounded in herkimer county, with a suspected gunman inside. they think this man.kurt the gunman. he's accused of shooting and killing four people this morning and wounding at least two others at a l barber shop. it's also believed he blew up his own house. police think the 64-year- old is inside the building - and is still alive. >> catherine: in a closed door meeting today with house republicans.
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president barrack obama discussed a comprehensive immigration overhaul. four g-o-p lawmakers say the president made the argument that he won more than 70 percent of the hispanic vote last november, and republicans stand to gain if they support a sweeping rewrite of immigration law. one republican said the argument was met by "light chuckles" from the republican lawmakers. republican and house speaker john boehner says the meeting involved a candid exchange of ideas, but differences remain over the budget, the federal debt and other issues. in sacremento, democrats have regained their two- thirds majority in the state senate with a special election victory in a san diego-based district. democrat ben hueso will switch from the assembly to the senate after receiving 52 percent of the vote in the 40th senate district race. >> jacqueline: the changes.
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we will continue that a slight warming trend. the fog tracker. basically it will be impacting the entire bay area. giving yourself some extra time. by 11, it is peeling back. still in the '70s and the south bay. a five, 10 degrees cooler. 70's for the inland valley. 60s for san leandro. cooler along the coast. 50s and 60s. noticeably cooler
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tomorrow. if slightly cooler saturday, sunday, monday. this will continue. and the rainfall is continuing. >> catherine: a new study finds that breast cancer patients treated with radiation are more likely to develop heart problems years later. the study from the new england journal of medicine, finds that the heart risk comes from any amount of radiation, starts five years after treatment and lasts for decades. however doctors say women should not panic, because the top priority is cancer survival. women cut their risk of heart problems by keeping their weight, cholesterol and blood pressure under control. >> android's first boss at google is stepping down. andy rubin is android's co- founder and in charge of google's mobile and digital content. the bay area based search giant says rubin will have a new, unspecified role in the company. rubin went to google as part of the company's purchase of android in 2003 and has overseen the platform's
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development ever since. his replacement will be sundar pichai, who is the head of google's chrome and apps. >> the hackers who stole and published financial information belonging to famous people apparently exploited a website designed to give people free credit reports. the targets included the first lady and the f-b-i director. now a san francisco-based internet company, cloud- fare is now being investigated in the hack. that content delivery company operates the computers used to send visitors to a russian website where the stolen credit reports were being published. in sports. steph curry does something no other warrior has done in franchise history. . and alex smith is the new man in kansas city. the chiefs quarterback talks for the first time since leaving the 49ers. gary has that story and the rest of the sports. next
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take a step forward... and chase what matters. >> gary: ofwarriors/pistons warriors hosting the 23-43 pistons 1st quarter stephen curry hits his 200th 3-pointer of the season becoming the 1st in warriors history with 200 in a season 4th quarter/ 82-77 warriors david lee gets the nice pass from andrew bogut for the dunkgreat ball movement 84- 77 warriors late 4th quarter/ 100-94
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warriors curry with the teardrop in the lane 102-94 warriors final: 105-97 warriors . nba - heat win 20th straight lebron james and the heat going for 20 straight wins 30 seconds left/ 92-91 heat james drives and misses get the rebound and misses again but dwyane wade tips it in to save the day 94-91
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heat final: 98-94 heat nba - lakers/heat kobe bryant clinging to the 8th spot in the west by ½ a game 18 seconds left/ 93-89 hawks pointer with a defender all over him to cut the hawks lead to 1 3 seconds left/ 94-92 hawks bryant with a chance to tie misses the 2-point jumper in the corner he lays on the floor in pain with a severely sprained left ankle he is officially out indefinately final: 96-92 hawks dashon goldson - bucs dashon goldson is now officially a 49er after signing a five-year, $41 million dollar deal with the tampa bay bucs. goldson got $22 million in guaranteed money the 49ers could have kept goldson had they franchised him but felt he was not worth the one year, $7.5 million price.
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goldson actually turned down a 5-year, $25 million offer from the niners two years ago - which turned out to be the right decision netting him some $15 million charles woodson visits sf free agent defensive back charles woodson was in the bay area today meeting with the 49ers. the 36 year old woodson was cut by the packers in a salary saving move he's a 15-year vet and 2009 defensive player of the year woodson is no stranger to the bay areahe spent the first eight years of his career with the silver and black glenn dorsey the 49ers signed their first free agent today - it's 6- foot-1, 300 pound defensive lineman glenn dorsey who spent the first five years of his career in kansas city dorsey was the chiefs 5th overall pick in 2008 but has never lived up to his lofty draft position dorsey, who missed most of last year with an injury, says he's ready to work hard and "do whatever coach wants me to do." alex smith. happy to be with the kansas city chiefs. >> gary: stanford vs. asu
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